Piotr Merrick

Arcanist, Professor, and White Leaf Agent


Piotr started as a respected professor at the White Leaf Magical Atelier; his involvement in the PCs’ troubles began when Adelle Faris tapped him as an agent of the government. He acted as a mole at the BAC’s primary research base for practically a year before Adelle told him to sabotage the research, frustrated by King Vargas’ waste of resources and utter lack of progress. His attempts may have caused the destruction of the entire facility, though he claims that something was wrong with the equipment before he’d even touched it. Wracked with guilt at the blood on his hands, Piotr has agreed to collaborate with the BAC.

Fun Fact: Has been punched in the face exactly nine times through the course of his life, with the most recent being a mere two days ago.

Piotr Merrick

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