Michael Seiran

Sole Bastion of Sanity in a Town Gone Mad


The mayor and innkeeper of a tiny hamlet in the Bywater Range called Halbraith, Michael was the only person in the town who didn’t act or look like a zombie. Suspicious though it seemed, it turned out he was forced into an unusual plot, where his fellow villagers were mentally dominated and compelled to kidnap out-of-towners, only to feed them to the enormous beast below the village. The beast, in turn, guarded the enormous vat of evil brains controlling the villagers from below. It is unclear who set this insidious system up, but Michael was delighted to be free of the brains’ grasp, thanking the PCs with what was basically the village’s economy.

Fun Fact: Maintains that he makes the best spiced potatoes in Bywater, but the villagers rarely leave the mountains anyway, so who’s going to call him on it?

Michael Seiran

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