Jory and Laurie Solaris

Wicked Warlock Wunderkind


Their cruelty matched only by talent, the Solaris twins had made an exceptionally dirty name for themselves at the White Leaf Magical Atelier. They had run afoul of Piotr Merrick an especially high amount of times, and claimed to know his whereabouts when the PCs came to the city searching for him; they promised this information if the PCs could kill their rampaging pet zombie snail. True to their word, they revealed the stolen information, but only after attempting to kill the PCs and being beaten and tied up. Subsequently killed and left in the Bleeding Grove, it is unknown if there will be any legal repercussions for their disappearance.

Fun Fact: Abandoned at the age of five in the back alleys of White Leaf, they were orphaned and homeless for nearly ten years before the Atelier took them in.

Jory and Laurie Solaris

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