Seuram Sar Havam

Head of the Bywater Amelioration Committee


Dark, muscled and intense, Seuram is the executor of the Bywater Amelioration Committee, or BAC. He serves as King Vargas’ right hand in the eradication of Bywater’s undead plague, and in turn delegates jobs to his various agents working for the committee. He thrusts the PCs, promising but still green, into the midst of a lot of dangerous work, seemingly trusting of their capabilities (if not always their motives). Seuram himself seems to be an accomplished adventurer, though his weapon rack is conspicuously dusty. Lately Seuram has been seen in collusion with at least one member of the Spears of the Empath, a powerful guild within Sheridan, getting tactical advice and information.

Fun Fact: One of thirteen siblings. An intricately drawn family portrait hangs on the wall of his office.

Seuram Sar Havam

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